Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Social Media Networking - Giant of the Online Marketing World

A recent report from Hitwise has become a buzzword in the online marketing world that facebook has reported to be the number one visited website at the end of March 2010 outstripping Google. Average facebook visitors have increased to 185% as compared to the last year’s same month while only 9% increased has been recorded for Google in the same time frame.

The drastic growth of the facebook is vividly stating that facebook has changed strategies of the game play. Social media networking portals is becoming the giant of online marketing world, whether it’s the startup business or the established one, they are implementing every online marketing strategy they can. Now, there is a handsome amount of budget spend on social media marketing, online advertisement and search engine optimization.

Social media allows us to search in new and different ways; you cannot just search here but also have conversation about different ideas. For sure, you will have a more trust on the information which is coming from a community or group of peers than any other resource. Google should not worry that much as search engine will stay, but can’t say anything about tomorrow.
Companies are actively engaging in social media optimization…….

After having a look on the latest stats, one could say that social media optimization is no less then SEO (Search engine optimization), rather I think both the marketing strategies should go hand in hand.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twitter rolls-out a new home page

Twitter has recently redesigned it’s home page for new users to give them a greater view of the websites functions. It offers many new features such as, scrolling list of trending topics, a search form, continues updates of the tweets from well known users and a new description of the Twitter. Here is the old and new twitter home page screenshot.

The last redesigned of twitter home page came in last summer with odd hash tags and Twitter memes (and Bieber) that was indeed very boring and unattractive for the users. As mentioned earlier, new home page offer scrolling trending topics, “whose here” and avatars of well known personalities that uses micro blogging service. It also features 20 members in the “see who’s here” heading and offers 3 “top tweets” that are automatically updated every few seconds.

Now, let’s see how it turns out to be……

Twitter has always faced difficulty in converting the new into regular customers, the latest twitter attempt to clearly define its features and itself is a good step. Now, let’s wait and see what it brings to Twitter.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is Your Business Still Showing a Reclusive Behavior?

So what do you want to do with your business? Do you want to make it like a child having no social life? If that is the case, I am sorry you and your business will eventually not survive due to this reclusive behavior. You should be aware of the fact that social media adoption by the U.S. business owners have doubled since 2009, SBSI (Small Business Survival Index) recently found out that one out of every five business owners is using social media for the promotion purposes. 

So ever wondered why?

75% of the companies have their business pages on social media networks like facebook, LinkedIn etc. because today’s business owners prefer not to spend extra money over the traditional media. This is the biggest reason I believe that this marketing phenomenon will stick around for long. Day by day, market is becoming consumer- driven and if the business doesn’t change with the changing marketing trends then it would rather not survive. Yes! It’s the social media that can help you stand head and shoulder above the rest. This holds so true for the current changing market trends:

“One thing is constant, that is change”

It’s high time to decide……

Decide, whether you want to be like a fresher who sits in the corner of the cafeteria hesitating to even talk while others are busy in their conversation or you want to be someone who takes charge and face the challenges in order to enhance the presence of your brand among masses using the viral marketing strategies. Therefore, it’s up to you how you make an optimum use of social media for the promotion of your business.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Which One Is A Better Advertising Platform For Your Business: Google or Facebook?

Yes! Google is not on the top anymore. As you know, that Google was considered to be best with its most popular pay per click advertising strategy through ever popular search and content network, but now it is facing much difficulty to compete with the social networking portals. The best example today of these social networks is Facebook. These networks provide more targeted advertising opportunities to the business owners.

So what are those better targeting approaches?

Social networks like Facebook allows better targeting of the keywords and specific -demographic ads. Google now seems to be very slow, when it finds you are new in the market, facebook figures out what causes are crucial for you, what kind of videos you need to upload and how much you make recommendation for your friends. This is how; social media provides better results and better ROI-results than Google.

Furthermore, Bing has been turned into a default search engine by facebook for its millions of users. By providing search on the site, facebook gets the opportunity to collect the data that will enhance its image in the advertising world like, why people buy, what do they like and dislike etc.

What else this new platform has to offer?

This new platform involves psychographic data that is, personality traits, values, belief, lifestyle, interest etc. and as these offers are not provided by the Google, Facebook has taken control over the market. In short, the more your advertising is specific, more will be the clicks.

Now, let’s compare Google and Facebook to determine which one is best for you:

• Keyword targeting in Facebook is optional while in Google it is required.

• On Facebook, you can target by location, birth date, workplace interest etc. while on Google you can target only by location and keywords.

• As far as ad placement is concerned, Facebook directs the user right away on the website while Google’s ads are placed on unclear, cluttered and undisclosed websites.

So, now you have to decide which one is a better option for your business. Facebook or Google?