Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop: An Advertiser’s Time Saving Machine

Yahoo has been providing series of enhancements that facilitates both the customers and advertisers. New yahoo search marketing desktop will be very useful for you, if you want to do bunch of work in a very less amount of time. Yahoo search marketing desktop is a free tool which allows you to run more than one advertising campaign at a time.

Now, it takes few seconds to switch between multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords and modify them at the same time. If you are unsure of your work, you can also undo the selected changes without any serious harm done.

So let’s discuss 5 ways on how Yahoo search marketing desktop helps to save an advertiser’s time:

1. It allows mass editing to the settings such as, match types, status and budgets; increase or decrease keyword bids and transfers your view of keywords, ads group, and campaigns to excel.

2. It will take only one simple step to bring in your third party campaign information.

3. Keyword suggestion engine will help you find relevant keywords in order to use in your campaign. You will also be provided with the URL-based keyword suggestions to increase the relevancy of the keywords.

4. With Yahoo search marketing desktop, you can hunt for particular campaigns, keywords, ads and ad groups in your account; also, you can find and change text in keywords, campaigns, ad groups and ads.

5. Lastly, you can recover status and figures of your account’s impression, CTR, clicks, cost, ad eminent scores and other relevant information.
If you find the preceding features helpful for your work then lose no time and start downloading free yahoo search marketing desktop today. Or, get yourself registered on webinar that will introduce you to this tool.

Hence, using free yahoo search marketing desktop will help you do multiple works in no time, from examining the campaign performance to testing your ads and doing everything that will make your campaign a success.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Facebook introduces a new test feature “Promote your post”

A feature has been introduced by Facebook which allows the Facebook page owners to promote specific post. When you update, you can find a link that says, “Promote” next to “comments” and “like”.

When you click that promote link, a dialogue box will appear asking you to create ad with audience targeting, the ad duration and the maximum price. 

You can go to edit page which will lead you to standard facebook advertising page while clicking on the create ad will take you to: 

However, this is just a test feature and is available for only some admins of few pages, as the company has said, "The "Promote" feature is just a test and is unrelated to our Promotions Guidelines" .Thus, the full launch will heavily depend on the results of this new test feature. So let’s see when this gets a full launch!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Trackur: A Revolutionary Social Media Monitoring Tool

Today, web has made it possible for the individuals to discuss about your small business, therefore, it is imperative that you are made aware of what is going behind you, whether those are the praises or negative remarks made about your business.

I was using Google alert for this purpose, it is an effective multi-purpose tool that helps a lot in tracking keywords, content stealing and even to track the links coming to the site, until I found a new tracking tool which is launched for small business owners, last week. It is called trackur free tool; with this unique online monitoring technology, you can setup a search and can trace out the web contents related to your mentions. Trackur searches in all the traditional and social media websites and delivers you results through tracker dashboard, RSS, email or CSV export.

The only thing which separates Trackur free service from the paid one is that you can only search for one keyword at a time. For the Small business owners who are already using Google alerts, they can also make a good use of Trackur, if they want to focus on one specific term in detail. The best thing a tracker free has to offer is it runs every 30 minutes delivering a graph so that you can easily get up to date report of the changing opinions about your business. If you haven’t use it yet due to the price tag attached to it, now you can sign up and give it a try with Trackur free.

Thus, it will be a good idea to use Google alerts for finding easy terms that you are just casually monitoring, but for more refined results you can go with the Trackur.

Friday, March 5, 2010

How Privacy Is Evolving Online

How would an axe murder react against your privacy? It has been elaborated thoroughly and the issue raise in the article about privacy evolution has been defined genuinely. Of course change is inevitable and social media has played a major role to evolve privacy as we can meet up with our old friends through social media. Sharing information has become easier and the risk to share personal information with others is lower than before. In short, an old concept about privacy has totally changed today.

For more details check out Rohit Bhargava's article “Social Media & the Axe Murderer: How Privacy Is Evolving Online”, hope you'll enjoy reading it.