Friday, June 3, 2011

What It Takes To Create Creative Logo Designs?

The most important thing in creating such high-ending and creative logo designs is the source from where you are getting it. There can be any source depending on your choice; therefore, it is very important to get a corporate identity form a well-reputed and trustworthy source.

If you are confused about the selection then you must first recognize what are the sources from which you can get online logo designs.

1-Ad agencies:

They are very good because they are the trendsetters but they can be only feasible when one wants to run a huge ad campaign. You cannot hire them to get a LOGO. They would definitely ask for more and if not then they might not serve you with extra amount of customer service you deserves.

2-Free logo makers:

The cheapest solution ever but will you get a quality corporate identity out of it? Is it a good way to get your future brand recognition device? If you are affirmative then its your choice but in long run you would be paying the price of using clipart composition.


Internet is literally studded with free lancers and you can go with them as well but will that do? Can you take the risk of handing over the future of your company and brand to an unknown who doesn’t have that level of credibility in the market?

4-Online logo designs companies:

There are many online graphic design companies that will help you efficiently turn your visions into reality. They are credible and so highly recommended. You will just have to hire them, sit back and relax because the remaining work will be done by them.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Great Qualities Of A Graphic Logo Designer

There are many qualities of a logo designer on which you can decide if the person can be hired or not. Some of these qualities will be discussed in this article in a bit detail. To find out if the graphic designer is capable enough to design your corporate identity, you need to be smart to analyze the following traits.

They are creative:

A graphic logo designer is creative and genius. Furthermore, he is trained enough to do the job perfectly. He knows what would suit your business and what would not. Therefore, you can blindfolded hire them and see what you gets.

They are expert communicators:

They know what they are doing; they understand colors, fonts and objects that are used in a corporate identity. Therefore, a graphic designer who is so adept at things will also be able to convince you about his design concepts.

They are professionals:

Good graphic designers are a professional who knows how to treat their clients. They know how to show out and out professionalism in their every move. 

They are expert:

They are always the expert. If they are not an expert then they are not a graphic designer. The best thing about them is that, the more they work for their client, the more they build their expertise.

Therefore, you must get all the knowledge in the world about graphic designers or freelancers or logo design team before you finally decide to hire them. That way you will get the best possible results out of them.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Analysis Of Business Logo Designers

There are three types of business logo designers and agencies in terms of budget. You can select them on the basis of your budget and their packages. We can categorize them into large, mid sized and small graphic design companies.

Let’s discuss them one by one:

1-Large logo design agencies charges on the basis of their high market value, the number of graphic designers working there, features etc. They may charge from $ 5000 to $25, 000. Big companies who are very much serious about their brand projection often set aside a heap amount of budget for their brand mark identity. These companies head towards big design companies to get exactly what they have vision.

2- Mid size logo design companies are the best for small business owners for the level of feasibility it renders. Though, there are not hundreds of graphic designers working there but they may assure you good results. They can charge you anywhere between $ 59 and $1000 which is not that bad.  Usually big companies also head towards midsized design companies for the convenience and packages they offer.

3-Small logo design agencies may not charge that high but you never know, the logo design might not be an ordinary one that is created by them.

Therefore, I think, it all depends on your luck and a little common sense. A criterion is the best option to dig out the best graphic design company in town. On the basis of the criteria, you can select those company logo designers or services that best suits your business logo requirements.

Therefore, there are other cheap and even free ways of getting a corporate identity apart from logo design companies such as, logo design software, makers or creators and logo design contest that will only ruin your overall business reputation.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Points To Be Considered While Selecting A Professional Logo Design Service

With so many graphic design companies, one cannot decide which one is the best. Therefore, usually a business owner who doesn’t have any idea of these companies gets trapped. It is extremely important that a person first seek out information about them before finally hiring them. That is the rule of thumb!

There are so many ways through which a business owner can determine which logo design service is the best for him and which one is not. Have a look on one of such ways:

1-The first and the foremost thing is to make a list of graphic design companies that you think are the best one going on. They should be at least ten or more than that.

2-Considering your budget in hand, you can compare it with the price and packages offered by them. If they are heavy on your pocket then eliminate it from your list otherwise keep it.

3-Next thing is the portfolio or logo design samples that these companies usually provide on their website. This will make things much easier for you to analyze. Check the samples if you think they are of high quality and if there is any sample that can relate to your business nature.

4-What does their website look like, is it professional looking? Is it attractive and worthwhile? That will also give you an idea if they are worth it or not.

5-How is their customer service? Is it good or bad? You can give them a call and see how warmly they receive you as a client. Another thing that you should focus on is how professionally they treat their prospective customers.

Therefore, you can get the best one by considering other points as well. You can test various logo design services, their initial drafts or any other thing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Logo Design Agency – Famous Myths

Lets have a look on various falsehoods about logo design agencies today!
There are thousands of online graphic design companies working and of course they all are of different types. This is why; nobody should tag all companies with negative or even positive label. Some are more professional, some have a good market value, some are reasonable while some are even fraud.

But some people do measure them all on the same scale. There are certain bad rumors about all of the companies especially the online ones which are:

1-They always charge more because nobody can understand what the pricing criteria are for an online company. Therefore, whatever price they decide seems to be very much for a client.

2-They are frauds because there are no local establishments for online companies. Therefore, they would run away after getting the money. They are fraud but that’s not true at all.

3-The packages have hidden charges. If that’s the case than the clients or prospective clients should conduct a research about them and see if they really charging right or not. You cannot just speculate about things.

4-A logo design agency is a bad investment for you will not get anything good in return. You should focus on your services and products first rather than any little piece of graphic representation. That’s how friends and colleagues like talking about logo and logo design companies.

Hence, there are so many graphic design companies out there, you can search for them and scan them thoroughly to check if the preceding myths are about them or not.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Free Logos Design Ideas At Your Doorstep

What are different free logos design ideas to get a good corporate identity for your business branding?

This is the question every business owners asks for he wants to get a brand mark like Nike’s Swoosh for    his business as well but one always forgets that transforming a logo into a brand mark is not an overnight’s work. It might take months and even years to establish a unique business identity in the crowd of so many businesses. Anyhow, if someone wants to get some unique ideas he can do the following things:

1-Logo design Portfolio:

Check various graphic design companies portfolio and see if there are any interesting ideas there that you can use in your corporate identity. It is advisable that you don’t go for the professional graphic design companies that are very famous, try to search for the one that are lesser known.

2-Image search:

You know how to use internet, just search for various images relating to your company and see if they can help you out to come up with a unique idea. Make sure you are not using them as it is, try to change the overall look. Only use the idea and not the features.


Clipart images are another way to go. Search for them either on internet or any software program you have. Thereby, you will be able to generate interesting ideas for your business identity.

Hence, this is not all; there are thousands of other places to dig ideas from like your surroundings as well. This way you don’t have to go for tacky free logo design download. The only thing you need to do is to keenly observe each and every detail of the places and ideas that we have given you in this article.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Free Logo Design Tool – YES OR NO!

You will get tired by the number of free logo design tool but they won’t end. That shows how much this latest word has taken the world over but the question is that why its credibility has invariably been questioned?

The answer is simple and that is the return it gives. If you will fix your washing machine all by yourself then you will surely end up on a disaster for you are not trained to do that. Similarly, if you will try your hands on your logo design then you will risk your corporate image big time.

Free logo design program is never a good way to go for it cannot be compared with a professional service. Take out a pencil and paper, make two columns, and write down the advantages and disadvantages of both the logo design sources. That way, you will unveil some of the important facts about free logo design tools that include, software, makers, creators, websites logo designing, contest, spec work etc.

So now you know, there are so many modes of free logo design tool available that you can use to destroy your business image in minutes. If you are serious business owner with serious marketing mind, you will never ever go for such disasters for your business.

Usually this software contains clipart images that are obviously not good for your business image at all because of the fact that they don’t look professional. Therefore, you can’t even compare clipart work with a professional as there is a big difference in them.

Hence, you need to ask yourself what you exactly want. Do you want a perfectly crafted brand mark identity? Or do you want to save your hard won bucks and ignore your branding overall by using free logo design tool?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Look At These Three Negative Aspects Of Free Logo Creator Software

Due to the economic and money constraints, people are more inclined towards launching their business online. This has served the graphic design industry a lot. A need for crafting a brand mark identity has seen an unprecedented growth as well which has dominated the conventional means of marketing notion.

Nobody wants to spend their hard won cash on such a small pictorial representation. That makes sense but from a marketer’s perspective, it is more than that. A business owner specially the small ones are not aware of the  importance of a brand mark identity, thus, they end up on cheap and sometimes free means of getting it. One of such free means is free logo creator software.

There are many hazards associated with free logo makers out of which some are listed below:


These softwares consist of prefabricated clipart logos that are stored in them so that whenever a user clicks to generate a logo, it represents a senseless combination of different clipart designs.

2-Its not free:

Though, free is associated with it but have you ever wondered, why would a developer serve you with anything that is free? Nobody does. Try it on your own, download it and see how much money it asks for unlocking some features.

3-Its old:

Do you know how old and obsolete these designs are? The more the designs are old, the more are the chances that it is being used by hundreds of business owners like you. So what’s the point of using free logo generator when the main purpose of creating a brand mark identity is to set a unique business image?

Therefore, you must gather all the knowledge about these free logo design ideas if you really don’t want to destroy your business reputation in the long run.

Monday, May 2, 2011

What Are The Benefits That You Can Get From JPG Format?

JPEG or JPG is very common file format that is used by almost every person who has a little know how of the computer, it is because of the wide range of features it renders to the users. This post will demonstrate the benefits or features that this widely used file format serves in detail. Just keep on reading the article.

1-Do you know it supports more than 16 million colors with the capability of storing 8 bit-per-pixel which is great for delivering a quality picture?

2-JPEG is considered the best for pictures and images because of the high quality color it serves.

3-It loves compressing full color or grey scale graphical images keeping the high ending results.

4-The compression is made keeping in view the compatibility of human eye.

5-The large compression ratio it offers is the best for transferring the files.

6-JPEG offers such high quality pictures that you may not be required to edit the images before printing.

7-Logo Jpg is the only file format system that is supported by almost every graphic design software, web browser and application.

8-Joint photographic expert group offers three different types of file formats that are:

Baseline standard
Baseline optimized


The above told file formats provide a full freedom to the user so that he/she can easily use his or her file with no problem. Though it is said that logo jpeg provides a lossy compression but still it is the hot favorite of most of the graphic designers.

Hence, now you know what are the features of a jpeg that is joint photographic expert group? and now you can easily decide which file format would be useful for which file.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can You Dig Ideas From Logo Design Samples?

Great logo design concepts can be the best brand recognition device for a company but this is only possible when the brand mark identity is original and unique. You can come up with great ideas for your corporate identity but the question is how would you do that?

Logo design samples can be the best way to dig ideas from. You must be really surprised at this for you must not have ever heard it. Have you ever wondered where great ideas come from and what is the best place to search for original ideas?
There is no place to find original ideas because there is no concept that is original. That’s the truth! Every idea has been extracted from somewhere; therefore, you should do the same. Here these samples play a major role.

You can visit various graphic design websites to analyze different samples given there to demonstrate their expertise level. If you have decided to work on this on your own then you need to scan them all with a keen eye.  First off, you should search for the logo which suits your company best. For example, if you are running a food restaurant’s business then you must search for food restaurant’s logo design sample then note down the following points:

1-What are the common colors that you can find in them?
2-What are the common objects?
3-What are the common fonts?
4-What are the common styles?

Make a list of the preceding points and understand what your company’s corporate identity needs the most. Now, if you will use the same color scheme as found in almost all of the brand mark then it would definitely fall under the common category. The above things are noted just to get an idea of how could you also play with the objects, colors and styles the way the graphic designer has done!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Logo Design Process In A Glimpse!

If you think, a logo design is completed in an hour than you might probably be wrong. You have to think hard, develop a concept, create several drafts and then you end up on a properly designed corporate identity. There is a whole logo design process that can take even months to be completed by a professional graphic designer or service. The process can be lengthy or short depending on client’s requirements. By and large, there are eight steps that a logo design process consists of, which are as follows:

1-First off, a professional graphic design service will provide all that what he wants out of the designer. He will ask his client to fill in the form so that he can get what he wants from them. The form contains a series of questions which will help a designer know about a client’s business and his logo expectations.

2-Research work will be started about the company, its history, its competitors, logo trends, requirements etc. so that a perfect brand recognition device is ready in the end.

3-He will now develop different ideas to be used in the logo design process.

4-The ideas will be then drawn on the paper using a simple pencil. He might come up with several drafts in the end so that he can select any one out of them.

5-The idea that is finalized is then implemented digitally using computers. There is much software available for this.

6-The final logo is presented to the client. The final logo is also modified upon client’s request.

7-After these modifications, the logo is presented in front of the client. A logo finalized is then preceded to the next step.

8-This is the final step of a logo design process where your logo finalized is then set to be delivered.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How Much a Logo Design Costs?

You will get what you pay for!

This is what everybody thinks but at times, things turn totally different from what they really looks because sometimes, even after paying heaps amount of dollar, business owners get stupid and rubbish logo design from professional graphic design service that  makes them count the costs. This article will unveil some factors that highly influence the overall logo design costs.

1-Free logo design software:

DIY - Do it yourselfers are the people who downloads free logo design software from internet which consists of pre-defined templates or clipart which are presented over and over again in front of the user. This is why; they cannot be relied on.

2-Local graphic designers:

If you will meet face to face with a professional graphic design company then it would definitely comes with a cost as compared to the online logo design company. As online logo designers costs you much less than the local ones, it is always feasible to go with this option as it may not cost you much.

3-Logo requirements:

Definitely, you must have something in your mind about the design concept you want to have for your brand mark identity.  This may comes with a cost for if you have higher demands, obviously he will cost you more. There are certain packages as well offered by graphic design companies with varying degree of prices. Therefore, you can say that, logo design packages also affect the overall price of a corporate identity.

4-Level of service:

Not all of them will render exceptional service package for you. Therefore, with the level of service, the overall cost of a logo design changes.
Hence, now you know what the factors are that directly influence the decision to buy logo online.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Short Glimpse On What You Can Achieve Through Website Logo Design

Do you think you will get your brand mark identity with the help of a free logo maker in a matter of seconds? If that’s the case then let me inform you what these clipart compositions can bring for your business and what custom logo designs can do to it?

Custom design concepts will bring you happiness and contentment when years will pass because there is an intense hard work involved in it while a free maker will only deliver you with a brand mark that will bring you short term happiness and contentment.

Why short term?   

It is because its free and will be down in a matter of seconds. Sounds very interesting but after some years you might realize that this is not what you were searching for. In fact you will mourn over what you have got. Therefore, it is very well said that prevention is better than cure so why not take proactive measures to treat the problem by hiring a professional graphic design service to get your piece of corporate identity done.

A glimpse of long term benefits:

What can you achieve through a custom website logo design?


1-Unique business persona
2-Establishes business
3-Enhanced visibility
4-Surefire increase in sales-volume
5-Silent communicator
6-Representative of your business
7-A positive reputation in the world

That were just seven rewards you can get from a professionally designed corporate identity. There are many other benefits that require two or three pages more which is now a bit difficult.  Therefore, now everything is in front of you, its up to you to decide to go for a free logo design options in the form of logo makers or to get your corporate identity with the help of a professional graphic design service.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Is It A Good Deal To Invest In Company Logo Designs?

Why big brands like investing so much money in their brand marks? This is a question every single person wants to know. I guess, only those people ask this particular question who doesn’t know the power and influence of company logo designs on a business and market of course!

These big brands are very much conscious about their image and reputation in the market which is why; they believe in doing everything that is best. What do you think; would they ever go for a bad repute graphic design company? No, instead there will be a huge searching campaign launch to hunt for a hirable graphic design company so much so that they will in the end. The best in town!

I can bet, the final selected company would come with a great deal of price and packages, and these firms go for it without wasting a single minute. A fool and his money is parted easily, that’s what people perceive about these big brands who are eager to get it by any means.  Are they really that fool?

NO!  In fact they believe they are not buying corporate logo designs but a face with which they’d be recognized on the world’s stage. This recognition will render them with identity, brand and unique place in the market. It will come with more gains like you will never have to tell people what you are all about? What do you deal in? What are your services? And most of all what is your company’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition). So you cannot insult it by calling it a mere colorful pictorial graphical representation!

At all costs, big brands are rushing into getting their piece of brand recognition device because they know the worth, power and influence of this power pack graphical representation.